Murderer of the working man and Rapist of the masses

Betty Cougar White, Capitalist shill and pigdog of the bourgeoises. Despite her outwardly benign and grandmotherly appearance American actress Betty White of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls fame is in fact a brutal class warrior and force of oppression. She once stole food from a starving family and sold the food for enough money to invest in a junk stock, and then shorted the market with it steeling value from the NY stock exchange and the American Economy. Born in Bavaria (pronounced: Nambla), in the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm the First she took advantage of the upheaval of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to amass a fortune from the arms market and human trafficking trade. She took in young boys and chopped off limbs to make them better beggars and then invested their pension funds in unreliable venture capital funds.

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