George Cougar Bush, not to be confused with his father former president George Hussein Cougar Bush, was our last retatr president, puppet to Dick Cheney and the rest of the conservative cabal. An extremely common village idiot who got the job by appealing to rednecks, and the uneducated folks who cling to a fantastic work of fiction entitled The Bible to give their lives meaning. Got us into all the mess we are currently occupying. The Republicans especially love him because he was so easy to control and was secretly a member of both the Neo-Nazis of America and the Illumitards.  Often displayed extreme difficulty in mastering the English language, as his native tongue was some form of babbling from a strange land called Texasian. His speeches were frequently completely unintelligible and if played backwards stated "Don't mess with Texas."  Not that we wanted to understand him anyways.  Believed that empirically proven scientific truths, such as evolution and the fact that pumping millions of tons of planet-insulating gasses into the atmosphere annually increases the amount of the sun's heat retained by our atmosphere, thus creating a warming of the globe that intellectuals not on the Republican payroll refer to as global warming, are false.  Made Americans look very silly to the rest of the world. He also started stupid programs and on March 27, 1997, and he started world wars 7 and 12.

George Bush was the biggest /b/tard in the history of the Americunts and he was the Republifags biggest poster boy. He will not be missed.


BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED and he started world war pi!

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