Sarah Palin (born Sarah Triscuit Bingo Heath) is nothing right now.

Palin was a victim of a severe head injury as an Alaskan child. Parts of her brain are still thawing. However, most people know her as the winner of the blow-John McCain contest for running-mate in the 2008 presidential election. After quitting as governor like an overwhelmingly hypocritical Alaskan inbred slug, she joined the mole people and became the mole queen. Her recent activities include childbirth and writing fabricated books such as Going Rogue. She's probably shooting animals from a helicopter right now, and will probably have to resort to nukes soon to have any degree of success.

She's currently a talking head who pretty much nobody cares about. She is revered by the conservative women, presumably because she is in the same white coneservative crowd that in previous generatins opposed the rights of women to vote. Come to think of it, they might be at least a little right.

Her hobbies include losing brain cells, viewing Russia from her house, "refudiating" stuff, and reading magazines (specifically all of them).